Timeline of Texas Abortion Restrictions



SB 8Amends Texas law regarding certain prohibited abortions and the treatment and disposition of a human fetus, human fetal tissue, and other tissue resulting from pregnancy.

U.S. District Court Judge David Ezra temporarily blocked the fetal burial provision on January 29, 2018.

HB 214 Jeopardizes Texans’ health and safety by restricting insurance coverage for abortion and makes no exceptions for rape, incest or fetal anomalies.

HB 13 Directly targets abortion providers by imposing extensive, medically unnecessary reporting requirements.



Texas Fam. Code §§ 33.002-33.003. Judicial bypass, the court process a woman under the age of 18 is required to go through to waive parental consent, is more prohibitive.



Tex. Health & Safety Code § 245.010. Abortion providers are required to meet standards designated for ambulatory surgical centers.

Tex. Health & Safety Code § 171.0031; 25 Tex. Admin. Code § 139.56. Doctors who provide abortions are required to become part of the admitting staff at a nearby hospital. Regulations do not require or provide criteria for hospitals to grant this privilege.

Tex. Health & Safety Code §§ 171.041-048. Abortions after 20 weeks are banned, unless the woman’s life or health is at risk or in the case of a severe fetal anomaly.

Tex. Health & Safety Code §§ 171.061-064. Only a doctor is permitted to dispense abortion-inducing medication. Both the woman and doctor must be present at a licensed abortion facility when the abortion-inducing pill is administered. The doctor must also schedule a follow-up visit no more than 14 days after the pill is taken.



Tex. Hum. Res. Code § 32.024. The Department of Health and Human Services and its employees are prohibited from from referring women to organizations that provide or “promote” abortion care.

Tex. Gov’t Code §§ 402.036 - 402.037; Tex. Trans. Code § 504.662. State establishes “Choose Life” license plate program that provides funding to an anti-abortion organization.

Tex. Health & Safety Code § 171.012. Doctors are required by law to perform a sonogram on a woman seeking an abortion at least 24 hours prior to performing the abortion. The doctor must display the sonogram image to the woman, verbally describe the image, and provide the opportunity for the woman to hear the fetal heartbeat.



22 Tex. Admin. Code § 165.6. A parent’s written consent must be notarized before a woman under the age of 18 can get an abortion.



Tex. Hum. Res. Code § 32.024 (c-1). The Department of Health and Human Services is prohibited from contracting with health care providers who perform abortions or who are affiliated with facilities that provide abortion care.

Legislative Budget Board Conf. Comm. Report on SB1, 79th Reg. Sess., at 11-109 (2005). State starts funding crisis pregnancy centers, organizations established to counsel women against having an abortion.



Tex. Health & Safety Code § 171.012. A woman must wait 24 hours before the procedure is performed.

Tex. Health & Safety Code §§ 171.011-.016. Doctors are required to give patients government-written materials about abortion, including images of what a fetus looks like at 2 week intervals. Doctors must discuss medical assistance benefits for pre-natal care and childbirth with patients. Doctors must give patients medically-inaccurate information about abortion, including a false link between abortion and breast cancer.

Tex. Health & Safety Code §§ 171.013-.015. Doctors are required to give patients a state-mandated list of groups for counseling that includes anti-abortion organizations that give women medically inaccurate information about abortion. Tex. Health & Safety Code §§ 171.013-.015.

Tex. Health & Safety Code § 171.004. Abortions after 16 weeks must be performed in a licensed hospital or ambulatory surgical center.



Tex. Fam. Code §§ 33.001-33.008. A woman under age of 18 cannot get an abortion until 48 hours after the doctor tells her parents in person or by phone.



Tex. Health & Safety Code § 32.005. Medicaid cannot cover abortion except in cases of life endangerment.



Tex. Health & Safety Code § 245.010(b). Only a physician licensed by the state may provide abortion care.



Tex. Occ. Code §§ 103.001-.004. Hospitals can refuse to provide abortions regardless of reason.



Roe v. Wade: All women have access to abortion, and Medicaid covers abortion