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The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Politicians should not substitute their judgment for that of health care professionals nor interfere with the doctor-patient relationship. State lawmakers should not force health care providers to choose between violating the law or ignoring their medical training and ethical obligations to provide care that is evidence-based, safe, individualized, and medically appropriate. Laws such as mandatory ultrasounds, biased counseling, and mandatory delays are political interference in medical decision-making and, according to medical experts, do nothing to make women safer.

State-Mandated Lies icon

State-Mandated Lies

The state-mandated lies in the so-called “Woman’s Right to Know” Act, including the claim doctors are forced to tell patients inaccurately asserting that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, are unsupported by medical and scientific evidence.

Funding Qualified Reproductive Health Care Providers icon

Funding Qualified Reproductive Health Care Providers

Given the state’s shameful maternal mortality rate — one of the highest in the industrialized world — Texas lawmakers must truly respect the lives of all Texans by funding qualified and legitimate reproductive health care providers and programs.

Join us in taking action!

Take action today. Tell your state representative and senator fight for these issues in the state legislature — to be a vocal champion of respecting the doctor-patient relationship, ending political interference in personal decision-making, and funding qualified reproductive health care.

Endorsed Legislation

HB 262

Rep. Donna Howard

This bill would allow physicians performing abortion to use their best medical judgement when treating their patients. This bill would respect the doctor-patient relationship and ensure doctors can practice medicine without political interference.

HB 279

Rep. Donna Howard

This bill would continue the Women's Health Advisory Committee, responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Healthy Texas Women program. This bill would promote accountability and transparency in the state’s funding of qualified health care providers.

HB 746

Rep. Jessica Farrar

This bill would eliminate the statutory requirement that doctors tell women seeking abortion a lie that links breast cancer to abortion, a claim widely discredited by the medical community. This bill would restore respect for the doctor-patient relationship.